Swedish Space Weather Center

Local magnetic field

The plots show the observed local magnetic field at Kiruna (KIR, 67.83N 20.42E) and Tormestorp (TOR, 56.09N 13.72E , close to Lund). The plots are updated every minute.

The top panel in each plot shows the variation in the three components (x, y, z) at 1 minute resolution over the last 24 hours with the 24-hour averages subtracted. The scale nominally extends from -100 to 100 nT, but during disturbed times the scale is automatically adjusted to fit the range of variation.

The bottom panels show the time derivatives in each component in nT/min. Similarly, the scale is set at -100 to 100 nT/min but adjusted during larger variations.


  • For more information about the Kiruna observatory or the Tormestorp variometer vi the observatory pages.